Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Turn

It's my turn to try some of my own fat loss techniques. I put on a good bit of weight over the past couple months. Most of it was muscle, which was my goal, but some of it was fat. Now, I realize that I don't have a bodyfat problem, but it still would be nice to get more of a ripped look.

Unfortunately, a wrist injury has precented me from doing any kind of upper body work. I also can't do lower body work involving free weights. This has been the case for 3 weeks now. I'm hoping one more week of rest will do the trick, but I'm really not sure. But, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I intend to do some leg work on Monday and Wednesday with a tough session of interval training on the bike on Tueaday.

I also need to change up my diet a bit to cut out some carbs except around my workout period. I can't wait to start going at full-strength again.

Matt Maresca

P.S. The injury was my own fault and I should have taken care of it when it first happened. It probably would have healed in just a few days had I done this, so don't feel bad for me.

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