Sunday, December 16, 2007

The True Beauty of Fat Loss

Have you ever accomplished something difficult?

I'm sure you have, so how did it feel?

Pretty darn good, I bet.

Now, let me give you a hypothetical example. Suppose you were to run a race against someone with a broken leg. You, of course, win easily. However, you do not end up feeling very satisfied. This is because it was, in fact, very easy. You did not actually accomplish anything great at all. This was no thrill of victory. There was no satisfaction of achievement.

Suppose, on the other hand, you were to run a race against a former track star with two good legs. This would be a much more difficult match. If you were to go on and win this one, it would be a remarkable accomplishment. You would feel great. You would go and brag to all your friends. It would be something to not easily be forgotten.

If you play chess and beat a nine year-old just learning how to play, you would not feel much from the victory. On the other hand, if you were to beat a world champion, it would be an unforgettable experience.

My point is that the beauty of fat loss is that it can be a monumental achievement in your life. It can be an experience that you never forget. It can drive you to bigger and better things. It can make you grow as a person.

And it can do all this because fat loss is not easy. It is a challenge.

I want you to take this challenge that you have in front of you and embrace it. Take full advantage of the opportunity to find out a lot about yourself.

I don't want you to just dig deeper like all the other people who are "giving it 110%". I want you to dig where they are all digging and then dig even further. Get to that point where 99.9% of people stop pushing and go a little bit further. Go to the point where you would normally stop and then take another step.

That is called growth. I want you to grow.

Fat loss is not just about a better body and better health. It is about finding a better you. And once you have found that "better you", it is about bringing that person out each and every day of your life.

That is what makes your fat loss journey so beautiful.

Go out and find yourself.

Try it with your next workout. Try to push a little harder than you would normally push and get in that extra rep or two. Push a little harder on the treadmill or bike. Take your workouts further than you would normally go. You will love how great it makes you feel.

And you will learn a little bit more about what your body can really do.

Fat loss is all about the person you become along the journey.

That is the philosophy being my book that can be found at

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